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Gone are those days when a power cut or a grid failure in the locality would make the streets equally dark as our homes. The untapped solar energy can now be used for illuminating the streets throughout the nights without any fail. Solar street lights most commonly can be defined as those lights which are charged with the help of photovoltaic panels. These photovoltaic solar cells capture the solar radiation and convert it into electrical energy. The rechargeable battery in the system stores the energy throughout the day and provides energy to the fixtures during the night. The solar panel manufacturers in Delhi NCR are the ones who experiment and innovate day and night to lighten and brighten up the streets of the city giving the glow of Sun in night. A buoyant name among these solar panel manufacturers in Delhi NCR today is Canqua. Our solar innovation at Canqua is widespread! Canqua earns the crown of the best solar street light manufacturer in Delhi NCR .

Lightening the Streets – Brightening the Lives!

Our main motto at Canqua is to enlighten every individual’s life throughout the country. And, in this venture, we show the path of quality solar systems, not only to other solar panel manufacturers in Delhi NCR, but also to those who are working on such projects across the country. The inefficient and age-old traditional street lighting system is very fast being replaced by the solar street lighting system for its captivating benefits. Being the best solar street light manufacturer in Delhi NCR, we, at Canqua, keep the finest quality, which is greenest in use and newest in technology. In this path, the solar street lights manufactured by us, are not only superior in quality, but have also earned the respect and reliability of our users throughout the city. The name Canqua is shining as bright as its wide range of hi-tech lights, overshadowing all other solar panel manufacturers in Delhi NCR. Our solar street lights are harmless to the environment; they exert no pernicious effect on the environment. The traditional lights run by electricity are generated from non-renewable sources; this practice would turn into a better street lightening model by solar street lights. We, at Canqua, use the most modern technology in the solar-powered LED street lights that are far better than the ones used by other solar panel manufacturers in Delhi NCR. We have come up with the latest street lights, which are coloured in a manner to reach the set CRI, and they resemble sunlight during the night; thus amplifying night visibility.

Canqua’s Ray of Light as the Best Solar Street Light Manufacturer in Delhi NCR

Sun is the ultimate source of energy of any kind has been related to our lives in numerous ways. This Solar intervention is today’s world is wisely utilized at Canqua not only to illuminate indoors but streets as well. Though our solar panels are a bit costlier than the traditional street lights; but once installed, their maintenance and other expenses are just negligible, as compared to traditional lights. The best news is that these lights require very few replacements, which is again a cost-effective affair for you. When compared to the lifespan of any traditional street light, our solar street lights give the best challenge ever. The conventional lights illuminate the streets for about 5000 hours, while we being the best solar street light manufacturer in Delhi NCR, pioneer in producing solar energy run LED lamp street lights, give more than 10 times the lifespan of any traditional street light. The only maintenance is the maintenance of these solar panels. Also, since the energy is derived from cosmic rays, it would assure you that the source is never exhausted.


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