solar street light manufacturer in delhi ncr

Illuminate Roads With Canqua Solar Street Light


Canqua is one of the top manufacturers of LED lights. It is synonymous with reliability and quality. Canqua is a one-stop solution for all the lighting solutions. It offers the latest and the most upgraded technology-based products. It helps in brightening the roads with Canqua, A Solar Street Lights Manufacturer in Delhi NCR. Canqua aims at illuminating every darkened corner with LED lights manufactured by them.

The lights manufactured by Canqua have a longer shelf life and reliability than any other manufacturer. Canqua offers two types of street light- Solar street lights and street lights.

The street lights can be used for campus lighting, garden lighting purposes. Their optic lenses disperse wider light and therefore, cover maximum area. Whereas, the solar street light can be used in remote areas to brighten roads with Canqua street lights The aim is to deliver eco-friendly lights.


Eco- Friendly Solar Street Light Manufacturer in Delhi NCR

Canqua is one of the top suppliers of LED Street Lights in Delhi NCR, therefore, it pays attention to both purposes, or brightening the darkened streets and also of environmental protection. Canqua aims for its products to have a superior quality and that its lights disperse a wide range of light so that there is good area coverage of light during the night time.

With Canqua, we have moved towards a better ideology and innovation of eco-friendly lights which are energy-sufficient. Canqua as a Solar Street Manufacturer in Delhi NCR which brightens the dark streets reduce the wastage of heat and light and deliver maximum light. These led lights can be used for indoor as well as outdoor purposes.

The basic idea behind these lights is that they make efficient use of Light Emitting Diodes as its light source. Canqua as one of the leading LED Street Light Supplier in Delhi NCR has earned the trust of its customers in a long way that it has come and these led lights become a preferable choice for the consumers as well.

Being an eminent LED Street Light Supplier in Delhi NCR, it becomes a big responsibility to deliver the finest of the products to its consumers. It is ensured that the Color Rendering Index (CRI) is more than 75 and is not comprised at any point in time.

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