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led manufacturers in India

With the evolution of LED lighting as a rapidly – developing technology for the lighting companies, LED manufacturers in India are growing in number to meet the ever – rising demands of LED. Canqua is one such LED manufacturers in India that have earned the reliability of its customers with cutting-edge technology and innovations in the lighting solutions.

Don’t have led based products? Here is what you are missing out on.

LED manufacturers in India make products that serve the purpose of both indoor and outdoor lighting, be it domestic, commercial or industrial. One can easily spot LED lighting installed in homes, office spaces, hospitals, street lights, parking garage lighting and many more areas. The main reason for their extensive usage is the excellent light quality. LEDs have the capacity to stay lit for longer periods and still deliver maximum light in a specific direction. Unlike the incandescent bulbs which burn out in a few months, LEDs last for about 25000 hours which means they have an increased lifespan as compared to all other traditional lighting forms.

LED manufacturers in India | The Ecological Cause  

Being one of the top LED manufacturers in India, Canqua is also playing its part to protect the environment. Unlike the halogen bulbs, our LED lights emit minimum heat and light. We trade in non -toxic products that have very less infrared emission, and close to no UV rays of radiation. Unlike the halogen bulbs, LED lights give a cooling effect and reduce the risk of combustion or burnt fingers.


How affordable are these LED by Canqua?

Now that you are well – versed with the benefits of Led, you might want to know how much pressure these LEDs put on your pocket. You would be glad to know that switching to LED lights is a cost – effective deal. So if you are looking for lighting solutions that cut down your electricity bill, Canqua is the solution for you. We are one of the very few LED manufacturers in India that has made the products available at affordable prices.


Canqua- An Ultimate LED manufacturer in India

If you rely on Canqua LED manufacturers in India you can never doubt the quality or durability of our products. Our products undergo strict quality measures. Our products match international standards which have made us the most reliable LED manufacturers in India.


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