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Light is something that shows you the way to the world. In the ever-increasing demand for high quality LED lights manufacturers in India, Canqua is a shining name. In today’s market, a lot of LED manufacturing companies are coming up with new and immensely effective promises. With developing technology, the price of the product is also sky reaching. But, despite all these, the increasing benefits of the LED lights in every household like its longevity, less power consumption and easy maintenance feature makes it one of the most essential among electric fittings. In India, LED lightings hold a very promising future, which is marked by the rise of the brand Canqua in the country.

Canqua – The Epitome of Quality and Reliability

Quality and reliability are the two promises that go sticky with the brand Canqua. We, here at Canqua, make our living by bringing to you innovations in lighting solutions that too without putting pressure on your pocket at any point. Not only we bring brightness to your home, but we also cater to the industrial needs, which is a very big and important section of our business throughout the country. All those latest and finest technologies that you may be envied of in LED lighting solutions from over the globe, is what we pioneer in bringing to the Indian market. Canqua is such a LED lights manufacturer in India that keeps innovation and latest technology at the forefront. We also pledge to keep environment on top, which allows us to produce LEDs that are environment-friendly, abreast of being best in its class. Being a scion of Ganga Sons, Canqua is spreading its market with ever new technology that is finest in production and greenest in its use. So, the best thing is that, with us, you not only light up your homes, but also brighten up the environment, which is, after all, looking at us for its survival.

Canqua – The Ray of Light

The LED lights by Canqua are 80% more efficient than other traditional forms of lighting; for example, the incandescent and fluorescent ones. In the LEDs that we create, only 5% is wasted as heat, and 95% is utilised in providing light energy. In comparison, most other LED lighting solutions are just the opposite. You would also be surprised to learn that our standard 34 watts lights can easily replace an 84 watt fluorescent light in terms of energy consumption as well as the level of light emitted. The products we manufacture at Canqua are non-toxic in comparison to the lighting solutions used nowadays in most of the offices. Most fluorescent strips used in offices contain mercury, which is highly noxious. Disposal of these lightings is even more crucial as it makes the environment poisonous as well. So, switching to the LED lights is the wisest way out when environmental concern is the call of the hour.

Unsurpassed Winner in the LED Light Market

Canqua LEDs are highly potent in terms of light emission. The light distribution and focus capacity that our LEDs provide is out of comparison in the market of LED lights suppliers in India. While other types of light fittings waste most of their energies by emitting lights in scattered manner and lighting up areas where light is not necessary. We, at Canqua, strive to win the competition among the LED lights manufacturers in India by keeping quality first. And it is our quality lights only that make us the most reliable LED lights manufacturer in India, trading in renewable energy resources. The lights we produce have a longer life span as well, which in turn emit less carbon and do not do much harm to the environment; so that you do your bit while we do ours.

Canqua – The Name of Great Fame!

One thing that makes Canqua the most favourite name among its customers all over the country is its life span. It lasts longer than all other types of lighting systems, which eventually leads to the reduction in the requirement of a change. And this, in turn, leads to less involvement of resources in the manufacturing process, packaging as well as transportation. Canqua, with its team of highly qualified professionals, work hard throughout the clock to bring you the best products through the careful selection of materials till final packaging, while standing up to our promises always. Our best efforts are always towards manufacturing the next best products in our long list of technologically updated LED lighting systems in the market of LED light manufacturers in India.


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