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Your wish to use modern-day cost-efficient and durable lights in your home or is what, we, at Canqua, try to fulfil to best match your requirements. The entire Canqua team thrives towards this goal of producing the latest and the finest technology-based products that can fulfil all your lighting requirements without hurting your pocket. Led by our environment-friendly philosophy, which we keep in the forefront, our main motive is always on the production of LED panel lights that would be the pioneer name in technology amongst all LED panel light manufacturers in Delhi NCR. Canqua products are best-in-class, finest in quality and latest in technology. In the project to light up the city at every corner, we stand as the best LED street light supplier in Delhi NCR. One of the aspects that make Canqua a paramount brand is its guarantee to produce and deliver lights that last long; really long! The LED panel lights manufactured by Canqua possess high work efficiency that gives you a lifespan of 11 years, which is much greater than all other energy saving lights. Our LED panel lights, operating for 8 hours per day, give a life of 20 long years. Not only this, frequent On & Off does not have any effect on the longevity of the LED panel lights, which is a serious complaint regarding conventional lighting systems.

Canqua – The Leading Name among LED Panel Light Manufacturers in Delhi

At Canqua, quality is met first and all other challenges are settled automatically, holding hands with quality. Our LED panel light are the most energy-efficient sources that use 80-90% lesser energy than the conventional lights. This means that only 20% of the energy is wasted as heat and rest is all converted into light. The best thing with Canqua LED panel lights that makes us the most successful LED street light supplier in Delhi NCR is that, our lights have no filament or glass element, which is the surest known cause for blows and bumps. We, at Canqua, take special care to produce LEDs out of plastic and aluminium parts that give them higher durability and higher resistance to vibrations and lower temperature. The expert team at Canqua takes the pledge towards the production of lights that are energy efficient. 90% of the energy is converted into light, and it is also harmless for human contact. These LED lights after long hours of operation have no exposure to burn. Our LED panel lights are highly popular in places that are most sensitive to temperature.

When environment protection is the need of the hour; our LED panel lights system becomes the pioneer name through the production of lights that are devoid of any toxic materials like mercury, making us lead amongst the LED panel manufacturers in Delhi NCR. In comparison to the energy-saving lamps, our LEDs use no harmful chemicals and are entirely recyclable; thus, reducing the elimination of carbon dioxide. The only chemical component that is required to impart the colour to the light is available in the lights. To walk towards the path of technology, Canqua lights come in several colors today. While the primary colors are red, blue and green; but innovation has allowed us to serve you with any colour lights to match with your choice spectrum. With technological advancement, every individual LED RGB consists of three basic sections, which helps in imparting of different colors other than the RGB palette colors only. Our LED panel lights, not only have an enriched market in the domestic lighting segment, but have also conquered the street lighting system today as well. Leading all other LED panel light manufacturers in Delhi NCR, Canqua, keeps moving proudly towards the path of success in lighting every street.


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