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With the inception of Canqua in 2014, we are widely known for our products. We are today a prominent manufacturer, supplier and trader of our highly commendable range of thermal compound products. We manufacture this range as per the benchmarked industry standards, using supreme-quality raw materials using the latest machines. This ensures quality as well as operational life of our Thermal Compound products. Our offered range of Thermal Compound products are used in various residential as well as commercial sectors. To suit the different types of needs of our esteemed clients, we offer our Thermal Compound products in varied specifications. To top it all, our prices are very nominal.

About Thermal Compound

Thermal paste or thermal grease is a compound that works as a heat transferring element between the cooler and the processor. Thermal compound has a conductivity capacity that is higher than the air and it helps to stop the processor from getting overheated. The compound is packed in a white tube like container. There are two different kinds of thermal compounds. One is conductive and the other one is non-conductive. The conductive type of thermal compound is generally high in quality and contains elements like copper, silver and aluminium, which helps it to work as an efficient heat transmitter. If not used carefully, the conductive thermal compound can cause electric shocks. The non-conductive thermal compound is made of zinc oxide and silicone.

Use of Thermal Compound

The use of thermal compound is indispensable. In general cases, the cooler is used for removing the heat of the processors. Each kind of processor works smoothly with a different kind of cooler. Now, if the cooler and the processor’s size do not match, it leads to overheating. This is where thermal compound is used. It is used to fill up the empty space that is created between the cooler and the processor because of the discrepancy in their respective sizes. The applied thermal compound fills up the little gaps of air that is formed in the gap between the cooler and the processor.

Process of Applying the Thermal Compound

In case the cooler and the processor both have thermal grease laced on them, then at first the grease has to be removed. The already present thermal compound can be removed by using a knife. However, one must be careful of not scratching the cooler or the processor in the process of removing the grease. Thereafter, the base is to be rubbed with isopropyl alcohol. It is to make sure that the remaining thermal compound is also rubbed off. Finally, a small drop of thermal compound is to be applied over the base, and then it has to be spread all over it, using a card of plastic. Later, the heat sink is to be replaced.

Certain Common Mistakes

It has been observed that certain mistakes always occur while the installation of the cooler and the application of the thermal compound. The most common mistake that takes place is that the application of too much grease. It has to be kept in mind that if the thermal compound is applied in an excessive proportion then it will spoil the correct dissipation of heat and in case it comes in contact with the exposed elements like the resistors and capacitors, the thermal compound will create short circuits. Another mistake that is often found in the process of applying thermal compound is the sticking of the warranty seal in the part of contact between the processor and the heat sink. In cases like that, the seal must be removed properly before the application of thermal compound.

Types of Canqua India Thermal Compound Products

  • Thermal Compound Paste 1 Tc (Rs 600/Kilogram)
  • Thermal Paste Compound Grease 3 Tc (Rs 1,200/Kilogram)
  • Thermal Paste Compound Grease 4TC (Rs 1,800/KG)
  • Thermal Compound Paste 2TC (Rs 650/KG)
  • Thermal Conductive Silicon Grease (Rs 500/Kilogram)

Specifications of Canqua’s Thermal Compound Products

Grade Standard Industrial Grade
Brand Canqua
Size of the Packaging of the Product 1 kilogram
Application Industrial
Packaging Bottles
Min Quantity for the Order 8 kg

Description of Our Thermal Compound Products

  • Most of our Thermal compound products are superior thermal conductive products
  • Our Thermal Compound products are stable at high temperatures
  • Our Thermal Compound products do not dry)
  • Canqua’s Thermal Compound products are economical to use
  • Most of Canqua India’s Thermal Compound products are for industrial use only
  • These Thermal Compound products are 100% made in india
  • 1 kilogram packs are available and eight kilogram master cartons are also available

So, if you are planning to buy any thermal compound products, visit us at Canqua India today, as we are one of the best sellers of thermal compound products.


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